Welcome to my portfolio: here you can take a look at some of my works on web programming & design, photography and marketing!


My name is Álvaro Trigo. I'm from Spain and i'm 27 years old. Currently living and working as a web developer in Cambridge, UK.

I love programming and being able to make something useful for people.

I'm a computer science guy and these are my studies:
  • 2009-2012 MSc in Computer Engineering (2nd Cycle) at Burgos University.
  • Scholarship (August 2010 to December 2010) at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. USA
  • June 2009 BSc in Technical Engineering In Computer Science For Management at Burgos University
  • Title of 60 hours in Dreamweaver/Flash at Technical University Academy.

I have an advance level on english language and i have multiple certificates (CAE, FCE, IELTS...)



I hope you like my work ;)

I've used mainly PHP in the server side for all my side web projects and the jQuery library for the front-end, but I've also worked with JavaScript, SQL, Java, CSS and AJAX techniques.

I've also applied SEO techniques and I have dealt with all the design stuff, from the Photoshop design of the site to the CSS modeling.

I consider I've learned a lot during the development of my own projects and i have been able to apply some of the skills I learned at my major.

You can see my full name at the meta name="AUTHOR" property in all of the following pages.

Some Freelance projects



A website for an academy of english, maths and french. It's done over PHP and jQuery library. I am currently working on the backend developing a content manager for it.



An artist website available in 4 different languages. It contains more than 150 paintings and more than 800 images. I developed both the fron-end and the back-end. I used PHP and JavaScript as well as CSS and HTML. Resizing image techniques were applied.



Cyestomatis Association official website. It is currently under development. It's a simple website with a back-end to allow future additions and modifications by their owners. Photoshop took an important role dealing with the client. I used PHP, JavaScript and CSS.

Public work


Paris Website

Product website for The Port of Felixstowe in which I'm working at the momment. I have created it from the scratch using CakePHP framework. It has been designed for desktops, mobile phones and tablet devices. There is a big work on jQuery and CSS. Techniques such as dynamic load of images were applied to speed up the load as well as javascript and css compression ones. Other techniques applied: SEO, CSS3 media queries, CSS3 animations, browser detection, device detection.


Boxreload Website

Product website for The Port of Felixstowe in which I'm working at the momment. Designed in CakePHP by using one of my plugin fullPage.js. Its responsive design makes it look great in tablets and mobile phones. Fallbacks for old browsers have been applied for videos and css3 animations. Techniques such as lazy loading, video compression and CSS/JS minification and combination have been applied. Velocity.js has been used for SVG animations.

Side projects



A simple and easy to use jQuery plugin to create beatiful full-screen scrolling websites. I had to create a full scrolling site and as I didn't find any plugin available for it, I decided to create one. This plugin is pioneer creating this kind of sites. It has been named in blogs all around the world and each day more and more people is using it for their personal or corporate sites. More than 70 people has contributed to this open source project and brands like Sony, Vodafone or British Airways have used it in their sites. It is currently in the top 50 Javascript projects of Github of more than 200.000 available at the moment. Named in printed magazines such as Web Design (UK) Blog entry



A single page scrolling plugin. Sections will get piled in the page creating an original effect when scrolling through them. Created from the basics of fullPage.js, it shares many of its methods and options with it. Designed to work in old browsers and touch devices. Used by Facebook and many others. More about it in the blog entry



A jQuery plugin to create multi-scrolling websites with two vertical panels or layouts. The screen will be splited in two panels in a way they scroll vertically in opposite directions. More about it in the blog entry



Create a funny text effect with jQuery. This plugin is currently on development/beta. I implemented something quite similar a few months ago for a site and one afternoon I decided to turn it into a plugin. You can read more in my blog.


tustitulares.com (inactive now)

Collaborative news portal with Twitter integration and automatic text classification. Pieces of news can be added via Twitter using a concrete hashtag. It works with Twitter API, Youtube Api, Google Maps API and TinyUrl Api. It has been created using CakePHP framework and it's designed to be installed in any language. It is also optimized for mobile phones and devices.



It's currently the biggest fireworks and firecrackers community in spanish language. I created it when i was 17 years old and i still maintaining it obtaining benefits from different sources including enterprises of the niche. I programmed it from the start without any CMS. It has front and back end. It is written mainly on PHP under the MVC pattern.



I created it during summer just for fun. It's a test to get the percentage of addiction to the main social network at spain (Tuenti.es) It got more than 8.000 visits during the first week and it was promoted using Tuenti.es and Twitter.



Introduced some months after the first iPad was launched, it is a website to download iPad wallpapers and have a preview of the final result before downloading and applying them. I also created a backend to add and resize wallpapers. It's developed mainly in PHP.



I created it based on www.wallpapers-for-ipad.com. I adapted the images format and I changed the CSS styles to do it faster. I added new functionalities to get the preview of the wallpapers and I applied some marketing techniques to gain visits.



Just another website about wallpapers based on the previous ones. The backend was the biggest change as I had to deal with big image resolutions, crop and adapt them as I wanted.


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Phone:+44 07884 341 059

My gallery

I also like photography and picture processing!

I consider myself a developer with a good sense of beauty. I think it is something which helps me to create not just useful websites, but also good looking ones.

I think this might also be reflected on my photography hobby.